Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lady Gaga flashes boobs in home video

Lady Gaga reckons her bare-breasted home video is "sweet".

It's not how most people would describe the clip, in which Gaga flashes her boobs for the camera but hey, this is Lady Gaga.
The 26-year-old uploaded the video to her YouTube page, revealing it was shot by her sister Natali in the family home during Christmas last year.
Presumably all the singer's YouTube subscribers have now been exposed to her bare chest, whether they were willing participants or not!
Gaga has a little giggle as she introduces the clip but that's the only warning she gives of the naughtiness to follow.
Fans will recognise the track in the background as the singer's song 'Scheibe'.

Do you think it was appropriate that Gaga uploaded her half nude dancing to YouTube? What will mamma monster's little fans (and their parents!) think of this? Have a vote below. 23 Aug 2012

The Hollywood trash entertainment industry, is about shock news that self promotes the talentless puppets of the Hollywood financiers.

Another no talent 'ass clown' on a string.

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