Sunday, June 1, 2014

Victorian government misses out in $400 million in illegal fines

The Lie:

There is NO doubt whatsoever that the corporate media is a subservient government tool spreading government propaganda akin to 'communist' eastern Europe.

To make it PERFECTLY clear:

12. Grants of forfeiture

That all grants and promises of fines and forfeitures of
particular persons before conviction are illegal and void.

as defined by law in Victoria, Australia, within S.12 of the Bill of Rights, which is a current law in Victoria.

Some so called well versed lawyers / barristers / judges / magistrates (who should be up for treason) may state that the Bill of Rights (1688) does not apply, which is blatantly FALSE information.

A letter from the Attourney General's office, states that the 1688 Bill of Rights 1 Will and Mary SESS 2, is VALID.

See document within post:

 This information is 'bad for business', and is a 'legal secret' that is kept away from the masses by lawyers, solicitors, etc who work for a foreign entity, the City of London', which again is unlawful.

The so called 'warrants' generated in Victoria are also UNLAWFUL, and this FACT can be proven very easily.

Australia the new Alcatraz:

In an (illegal) move the, unlawfully elected Australian authorities are going to imprison Australians, by forbidding free travel. which every Australian is entitled to, for the non payment of their ILLEGAL fines.

According to the Constitution, EVERY single 'Australian' has the right to freedom of travel.

If Australians think they live in a democracy (rule by majority), they may be correct, but when one looks at the term fascist or Martial Law, then this is the more accurate description of Australia's governance.

The corporate media lie:

This is the article that appeared in the Herald Sun publication on Friday, 30th of May 2014 under the headline:

 Crackdown urged on those who avoid paying fines, including a ban on foreign travel

Suggested reform would ban fine dodgers from travelling overseas. 
Suggested reform would ban fine dodgers from travelling overseas. Source: ThinkStock
FINE dodgers would be barred from travelling overseas and have their passports flagged under suggested reforms to try to recoup more than $400 million in unpaid fines a year. 

The plans come as new figures reveal that 700,000 police and local government infringements issued every year are unpaid, while 40 per cent of Victorians refuse to pay court fines.

Under the plans, fine evaders would be blocked from overseas travel until they have paid any outstanding warrants.

The idea has been previously backed by the Napthine Government after Victoria's worst fine evader was believed to have fled the country in November with 807 unpaid fines worth $222,000.

A report by the Sentencing Advisory Council makes 49 recommendations to the government that also include: slashing infringements by 50 per cent for concession card holders and children; a HECS-style initiative to have the ATO collect outstanding fines; making directors personally liable for payment of infringements and fines incurred by corporations; and improving options for people to pay fines by completing community work or development courses.

Council chair Arie Freiberg said restricting overseas travel for people with outstanding warrants had seen a drastic increase in the amount of outstanding fines paid on the spot in other countries, including New Zealand.

He said the current system was tying up precious court resources by trying to prosecute habitual evaders.

They include prosecuting a husband and wife with almost $500,000 in fines and a man arrested for amassing almost 500 sheriff's warrants for toll road fees totalling $132,000.

“We don’t really want the courts wasting their time on these cases,” he said.

“The whole system was designed to keep these cases out of court. “If a court fine of infringement penalty is not paid, then no sanction has been imposed and the purposes of the sentence of penalty are not fulfilled,” he said.

The report found taxi drivers are among the worse dodgers for refusing to pay tolls, while 45 people were jailed for not paying fines between 2012 and 2013.

Attorney General Robert Clark said the Coalition had already moved to introduce sweeping reforms to the fines system with the Fines Reform Bill currently before Parliament.

The reforms include a single integrated system to track and collect fines, shorter timelines for enforcement, targeting repeat offenders with high levels of unpaid fines and tougher use of sanctions such as suspension or cancellation of vehicle registration.

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