Monday, June 23, 2014

The Queen buys Prince William a Helicopter for his Birthday

The Duke of Cambridge celebrated his 32nd birthday on Saturday and he received a very special, and expensive, gift from his grandmother the Queen.

We hear the prince received a 2008 Augusta A109S Grand helicopter from the British monarch costing a whopping $13.6 million!

The helicopter, which features leather interior, will be used for travel to and from official engagements and can hold up to seven passengers plus one pilot, so it seems the Duke and Duchess and little Prince George will be arriving in style to their upcoming engagements.

The elaborate gift is the perfect for the former helicopter pilot – previously known as Flight Lt. William Wales – who gave up his role in September 2013 after his son Prince George, was born.

While it’s now known whether William will pilot the craft himself, when it’s not being used, the royals new ride will be parked alongside the Queen’s private helicopter in Hampshire at RAF Odiham.

“The word is that this new chopper will be used mostly for William and Kate, although other family members can use it too,” a source told the Inquistitr.

“But with William and Kate stepping up their official duties in the next few years it is expected they will spend a lot of time in it.”

A spokesman for the royal family said the Augusta has been leased for Prince William and Catherine's use because it provides better safety and security for its very special passengers.  23 Jun 2014

Is this 32nd birthday present for a 32nd degree Freemason?

Apparently the corporate media gave (false?) information only a little while ago that the Queen was down to her last couple of millions.

The Queen married her third cousin Prince Phillip, to produce their offspring, then in order to thin the incestuous blood people like Dianna and Kate are brought in and then disposed of if uncomfortable to the lizard queen.

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