Saturday, June 28, 2014

Woolworths Diet Cola - Poison for cannon fodder

Woolworths sells a product from their 'Select' brand a diet cola that is laced with poisonous chemicals, some of which are BANNED in the US and UK, BUT for sale in Australia.

The ingredients that are on the label are shown below:

The additives to look out for are:

950 - Acesulphane potassium:

200 times sweeter than sugar, has a bitter after taste.  Used widely as artificial sweetener in low joule gums, drinks, diet foods, etc.  Possible carcinogen in humans, caused cancer in test animals. Suggested that it is worse than Aspartame or Saccharin. AVOID IT!

951 - Aspartame:

See separate article. Artificial sweetener, too many adverse effects possible to list, 92 documented with the US FDA!, Some people are allergic to aspartame, migraine headaches are a common reaction in these people. Research currently in the USA in regard to incidence of brain tumours. Diet drinks containing it are banned for U.S. Airforce pilots and in an pilots magazine, commercial pilots are told to avoid it. In 9,000 products from low joule to pharmaceuticals. AVOID IT!

952 - Cyclamic Acid:

Calcium & sodium cyclamate, artificial sweetener; known to cause migraines and other reactions, can be carcinogenic, caused damage to rats testicles and mouse embryos in tests.
Banned in the US and UK due its links with cancer.


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