Saturday, December 13, 2014

A list of corrupt Police

Illustration: A previous Victoria Police badge with the words Tenez le Droit - with the apparent translation of "Hold it Straight" - with reference to pointing a gun at the masses? The official version is that the direct translation is "Uphold the Right", which is the current motto.

Corruption within Australia's police 'force' is rife, where the mentality of the majority of police is that they are untouchable by the law and can do whatever they please, including perverting the course of justice, submitting false statements in court, assaulting the public, drug dealing, organised automobile crime, theft, extortion, a host of other criminal activities and even murder.

The purpose of this post is to collate a list of corrupt police within Australia, who have been involved in criminal activity or have committed a criminal offence.

Information can be from many different sources including: the public forum / business commonly known as a 'court', corporate media news articles, verifiable eyewitness accounts including video/hidden audio recordings, statements implicating police, and other sources not mentioned.

If seizure of property has been committed by a Victorian so called 'sheriff' accompanied by Victoria police, then their names can also be added to the list.

The information must be factual and verifiable.

We welcome any information that can lead to arrests of corrupt police.

Information can be sent to our inbox via our facebook account at Corpus Australis, comments left on our facebook page, or following this article or email to our Corporate Australia email address at gmail.

The list is started of with two names from Victoria Police, who rammed a 'driver' in his car into a letterbox, beat him up, then tried to destroy the video footage, and provided false statements in court. The two policemen are:

Kieren Atkin and Brennan Roberts.

The list is available for download in pdf format at:

Also information with regards to Victoria Police:

Please refer to article:  Ex Victorian police officer comments on fines at:


Ron said...

Not just the police, it's the whole darn system. The keywords are freemasonry, rainbow agenda and communism. Note the upside-down star of satan on the badge.

Pattosimmo said...

Paul Dale? No shit this list is old as fuck. That ain't fuck all