Sunday, December 7, 2014

Telstra - ACM Group DEBT fraud costing Australians millions annually

Does the mainstream media not report on certain 'truths' in law?

Are their courtroom reporters not allowed to report on certain cases?

Could one call it a conspiracy that the news of the day is Chris Brown partying with the Kardashians, instead of exposing the fraud and corruption within government and corporations?

Well here is another fraud that costs the unaware masses millions of dollars annually.

Under the Trade Practices and Corporations Acts, this behaviour is 'illegal' for the better term.

One may have an agreement / contract with a telecommunications (or any other) company to receive a  service or product. This contract is valid ONLY between the customer and the company.

If the customer does not pay for the product / services then they owe the company xxx amount of dollars, but once the company (e.g. Telstra) 'sells' (as shown in above illustration) the debt to another company (e.g. ACM Group), the debt has already been paid for and the customer does not owe the original service provider ANYTHING.

Since the customer does not factually or even lawfully hold a binding contract with the company that the debt has been sold to, ANY attempt to obtain monies from the customer is 'unlawful'.

This fact 'could' be put in the 'conspiracy' basket by the corporate media, but in fact it is part of the laws of business and commerce set out in Acts by the Australian (federal) / State (local) government.

The scanned document in the illustration shows that a 'corporation' (dead speaking entity) has a 'signature'.

Please note: The validity of law is put aside.

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