Sunday, January 25, 2015

Gary Ablett Senior considering stepping back into limelight

Gary Ablett Sr, right, with son Gary.
Gary Ablett Sr, right, with son Gary.
NOTORIOUSLY shy AFL legend Gary Ablett Sr is considering stepping back into the limelight. 

The Geelong great, who has been a virtual recluse since retiring in 1996, has flagged an interest in public appearances and guest speaking.

The move would be a bold step for Ablett given his battles with drugs and depression.

Former country cricketer Lloyd Rosenow has agreed to help smooth Ablett’s move into the spotlight with a low-key roundtable luncheon in Echuca earmarked for his first engagement later this year.

Gary Ablett Sr during his playing days for Geelong.
Gary Ablett Sr during his playing days for Geelong.
Mr Rosenow, who runs King Sports Promotions in Echuca, is also discussing handling the sale of Ablett memorabilia and future guest appearances.

Mr Rosenow said Ablett was fit and well and considering a ­return to the public domain.

“We caught up for lunch before Christmas and discussed the possibility of him doing some guest speaking and maybe selling a bit of sporting memorabilia,” he said.

Gary Ablett Snr. Picture Wayne Ludbey,
Gary Ablett Snr. Picture Wayne Ludbey,
“Nothing has been finalised and I’m just waiting for Gary to tell me what he wants to do. He’s a great bloke and a very funny man — his sense of humour is outstanding.’’

Speaking to the Sunday Herald Sun, Ablett said discussions were in their infancy.

“There have been some offers along the lines of doing a few lunches, that type of thing,” he said.

“When the time is right I will look favourably at it but as it stands there is no firm commitment at this stage.”

Ablett has become embroiled in several off-field problems since his retirement.

In 1990 he was placed on a $10,000 good behaviour bond after he pleaded guilty to repeatedly hitting a man he found sitting in a car with his estranged wife.

Ten years later he became involved in further controversy when a 20-year old Geelong woman died of a drug overdose while in Ablett’s hotel room.

The former champion was cleared by an inquest, but was later fined $1500 for using and possessing drugs.
In 2006 Ablett was allegedly assaulted late at night while browsing through a car yard in Geelong.

A 31-year-old Geelong man was charged with assault but was reported to have committed suicide the day before he was due to appear in court.

If he agrees to come on board, Ablett would join an ­impressive array of speakers under Mr Rosenow’s umbrella, including Allan Border, Greg Chappell, Peter “Crackers” Keenan and Sam Newman. 25 Jan 2015

Gary Ablett (Snr.) is a criminal, who should have been incarcerated for the drug related death of young woman in one of the many drug and sex fueled weekends, this megalomaniac frequented in various hotels.

Another 'untouchable' piece of garbage the legal system promotes?

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