Saturday, February 14, 2015

Top Secret America – Boston Bombings

In the early hours (1:40 – 2:40am) of Saturday 14th of February 2015, on Australia’s TV channel SBS ONE a documentary was screened about the intelligence agencies of the U.S of A, covert overseas operations and the threat of ‘terrorism’ on U.S soil.

The documentary showed how U.S’s intelligence agencies gathered information in Iraq pertaining to Saddam Hussein being a treat. When the agencies found that there was no real treat from Hussein, a secret department was created to (fabricate) intelligence in order to invade Iraq. For this fact alone, there should have been an international commission into the war crimes of the U.S.

It is mentioned in the documentary that apparently a secret budget worth billions of dollars funds facilities where the nation’s top intelligence personnel work with the most sophisticated technology at their disposal to ensure the slaves people of America go about their daily lives uninterrupted.

Two ‘terrorist’ plots against the people of the United States were undetected by the multibillion dollar intelligence community, one being that of Northwest Airline Flight 253, where a failure either human error or technology, prevented a bomb from being detonated, and the other when a bomb was detonated at the Boston Marathon event.

The Northwest Airlines Flight 253 passenger Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab went undetected because of the software failing to recognise a spelling error in the search, a feature that has been available for a very long time in commercial products in the I.T. industry.

In the Boston Marathon bombings explosion, the intelligence community was unable to locate the alleged perpetrator, despite security cameras on every street corner, and enlisted the help of the general populous, to capture the alleged assailant.

These (deliberate?) failures should have prompted an overhaul of the entire intelligence community, and the sacking and accountability of the people in charge.

If the U.S.’s multibillion dollar budget fails to detect and stop two apparent amateurish ‘terrorist’ plots, then what (covert) operations does this budget really fund?

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (Inc.) the world’s largest terrorist organisation?

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