Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Families pay for corporate and politician's tax dodging

Australia is truly a corporate (tax) criminal's paradise.

It's not a 'conspiracy theory', or a 'tin foil hat' syndrome, where the actions of the so called government speak louder than any 'theory'.

  • In Australia, politicians commit fraud and deception against the people they are actually supposed to be serving with no interference from police, and even if they are brought to 'justice' before a court, the 'brotherhood' sets them free of any wrongdoing.

  • In Australia apparently the ATO (Australian Tax Office) has release figures that 55 millionaires did not pay tax. Also Australia has an approximate 160,000 millionaires, according so some government statistic.

So who is left to mop up the tax dollars the corporations and politicans have defraud from the general populous?

STILL not convinced you're a CORPORATE SLAVE?
Why the 'mums and dads', the unemployed, the pensioners and the vulnerable, that's who...

Don't take our word for it... It's in the 'papers'.

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