Thursday, July 30, 2015

Victoria Police fraud - Speed and Red Light Camera Fines

Illustration of serco servicing red light cameras.

Q: Is this one of Victoria Police's greatest fraud against the people?
A: ?

Q: Does anyone really know how much money is at stake here?
A: In 2015 approximately $1,000,000 per day (from what we are told).

Q: Why does the corporate media NOT report on such a significant matter?
A: Oh, but it does [you silly 'conspiracy theorist']!

What the corporate media tells the plebs:

A little while ago, the corporate media reported drew to the attention of the plebs, that a 'barrister' or some other person person involved in the legal fraternity in Australia was going to challenge the speed camera or red light camera fines, where the result was going to be futile.

Could this have been done deliberately in order so the sheep do not rise above the 'authorities' who beat them with a (virtual) stick into submissiveness?

What the corporate media does not tell the plebs:

  • Australia is a legal 'joke' according to some involved in the 'profession'.
  •  Australia's 'laws' are based on Roman Code (guilty until proven innocent and strict / absolute liability) / contractual agreements (where consent is needed to proceed), where many Acts are not factually lawful.
  •  You do not need to be a QC, or a constitutional lawyer to beat ANY fine.

How are Victoria Police involved in fraud?

  • For starters, ANY fine that is issued by Victoria Police, according to 'law' is null and void.

  • Victoria Police, as of 17 December 2013 are a corporation, under the unlawfully passed Victoria Police Act (2013).

  • Victoria Police (ABN: 63 446 481 493) are (unlawfully) involved with another (unlawful) entity called Civic Compliance Victoria in extortion and coercion worth hundreds of millions of dollars annually to Victorian motorists via the unlawfully issued speed camera and red light camera fines.
  • Speed / Red light camera photos are altered photographs and as a result cannot be lawfully used in court as evidence against the alleged offender.

  • Entrenched laws of the U.K. protect people from 'fines'.

  • The Acts that the 'authorities' rely to issue fines are not lawfully passed.

  • From the beginning a court is 'rigged' against you, where you are 'ambushed' as it is not 'neutral' territory.

  • Apparently, the DPP, is an officer that works for the court, already showing bias against you.

  • Apparently the Victorian government guarantees due process of law / Human Rights, where all this is totally disregarded in the issuing of a 'fine'.

  • A 'business' Civic Compliance Victoria (CCV) issues the 'offender' with a fine on Victoria Police letterhead where the return address is to CCV GPO Box 2041 Melb VIC 3001 / Ground Floor, 277 William St. Melb VIC 3000.

  • Even by the unlawfully passed Acts, the issuing of a fine via the (unlawfully established) 'Infringements Court' is not lawful.

  • All 'fines' start of their administrative process as 'civil' and are transferred to 'criminal' - unlawfully.

  • In order for a crime to occur a victim has to have harm, where a victim statement needs to be filed, and cross examined if the need arises in a 'court'. 
  • In criminal law, the first point to establish is identity, where the police will fail every single time in speed/red light camera 'fines'.

There are many more points in 'law' that have been omitted, but will be covered at a later point in time.

Here's the proof that Victoria Police do not want you to use in court:

In this document Victoria Police state that:

  • "The resolution of each image has been adjusted for online publication and may not reflect the original quality of the images used to identify the vehicle".

What this means that images are altered, and realistically cannot be used as proof in a court, including the 'original'.

The statement made:

  • "This document is provided for your information only and is not produced for use in court"

This means that it should be used to provide the proof you need to win in your matter.

Victoria Police state that:

  • "Speed cameras save lives".

Not once in the history of mankind has a 'speed camera' saved a life.

Another false statement by Victoria Police.

Make NO MISTAKE about it Victoria Police is involved in a huge fraud, and they are certainly not going to own up to it.

They WILL lie about it to you.

When will YOU do something about it?

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