Sunday, July 26, 2015

Victoria Police owned by crime bosses?

Victoria Police has very strong ties to the criminal underworld.

From the 'foot soldiers' in the low level ranks right up to the top, 'Vic Pol' is engaged in criminal activity with the states top crime gangs.

The state's so called top 10 'crime bosses' could easily be put away (incarcerated) if Vic Pol wanted to, and according to the Speaker of the House - Bronwyn Bishop - for "the safety of the people". 

Could it be that since the crime bosses 'own' Vic Pol it seems they are getting away with murder?

From a new 'credible witness' to a police 'blunder' drug lords and killers (are deliberately?) let lose to go about their (criminal) business., with FULL SUPPORT of Victoria Police.

What may seem as a plausible scenario to the lay person from off the street, is actually a calculated move orchestrated by police to let their 'criminal' off.

Make no mistake about it, Victoria Police are NOT working for 'you' and definitely are not your 'friend', but rather an oppressive 'force' that is responsible for extortion, coercion, violence, unlawful incarceration and as an example: fraud worth hundreds of millions of dollars annually to Victorian motorists.

The article below illustrates how Vic Pol let criminals walk free, all by deliberate design with the support of  law makers and politicians.

From The Age 26 July 2015

Case weakens against alleged crime boss Rocco Arico

The case against gangland boss Rocco Arico has been undermined by claims from Mr Arico's brother-in-law Jadran Delic.
The case against gangland boss Rocco Arico has been undermined by claims from Mr Arico's brother-in-law Jadran Delic. Photo: Pat Scala
One of Victoria's most important organised crime prosecutions against alleged gangland boss Rocco Arico has been undermined by the intervention of a prominent construction industry family with links to the underworld.

Mr Arico, who has been named as a major player in Melbourne's organised crime scene, has been charged with extortion, making threats-to-kill, blackmail, assault, drug and weapon possession, and dealing with the proceeds of crime.

But The Sunday Age can reveal that the case has been weakened after Mr Arico's brother-in-law, Jadran Delic, has claimed to be the owner of the handgun, ammunition and drugs uncovered during a raid on Mr Arico's luxury Docklands apartment.

Jadran Delic is the son of Jadran "Adrian" Delic, a controversial construction industry figure and known associate and business partner of several prominent underworld figures, including members of the Mokbel crime family.
Adrian Delic, whose business interests include a major plastering company, safety equipment supplier and a funeral home, has close personal and business links with the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union.
The CFMEU's alleged links to organised crime has been a major subject of inquiry for the ongoing Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption.

In a statement to police tendered to the Melbourne Magistrates Court, Mr Arico's brother-in-law has unexpectedly taken responsibility for the gun, ammunition and GHB – or liquid ecstasy – discovered in the locked storage compartment of a Vespa motorcycle parked in the garage of Mr Arico's Docklands apartment that was raided in March.

A forensics lab has found that two of the three DNA samples located on the gun belong to Mr Delic, who has also been identified as the likely owner of the motorbike.

The other DNA sample is not attributable to Mr Arico despite one key to the Vespa being located in Mr Arico's possession at the time of his arrest and another found in his apartment, according to court documents.

"(Evidence about the ownership of the Vespa), the preliminary DNA testing results with respect to the firearm and the admission by Mr Delic of the ownership of the firearm, lead me to the conclusion that it is highly likely that the firearm did in fact belong to Mr Delic," Magistrate Jelena Popovic said in her written decision for Mr Arico's bail hearing in May.

Victoria Police charged Mr Arico in early March following an investigation into claims he threatened and assaulted an associate – known as Witness A – after they were allegedly ripped off in a drug deal that went bad in 2010.

It is alleged that Mr Arico forced Witness A to work as a drug courier as partial repayment of the $350,000 owed for the stolen kilogram of cocaine. When Witness A failed to make his repayments on time, he was allegedly threatened and his home firebombed and car vandalised.

Witness A was also allegedly ordered to kill the drug thief, a demand he refused.

A detective from the Purana anti-gangland taskforce has testified that $24,000 found on Mr Arico at the time of his arrest was believed to be the proceeds of this extortion attempt – a claim that is now also facing a serious challenge.

Ms Popovic has described as "compelling" a statement tendered by one of Mr Arico's associates, William Mitris, that the $24,000 was actually from a cash loan he made to Mr Arico.

In light of this new evidence and concerns about the health of Mr Arico's wife, Ms Popovic released Mr Arico from custody on a $300,000 surety in May.

The Sunday Age can also reveal that authorities are struggling in their bid to freeze nearly $10 million in assets linked to Mr Arico that Purana alleges are the proceeds of crime.

Despite stating that gambling is his primary source of income, Mr Arico is linked to properties in Brighton, Moonee Ponds and Mornington Peninsula, as well as a popular Lygon Street cafe.

A luxury home owned by Mr Arico's 30-year-old wife is next door to a property linked to her father, Jadran "Adrian" Delic, and is currently undergoing a major renovation.

But the Director of Public Prosecutions' asset confiscation unit has so far only obtained a restraining order over Mr Arico's $1.8 million holiday home.

This move has also been challenged by Adrian Delic, who has filed documents claiming he holds a financial a stake in the property stemming from a previously undeclared loan made to Mr Arico nearly three years ago.

Mr Delic has admitted in the past to concealing assets in the names of others in a bid to avoid paying out employees injured on his work sites, according to court documents.

The other properties of interest to authorities have either been sold or are held in the names of associates and family members, land title records show.

A confidential report by the Australian Crime Commission has identified Mr Arico as one of the top ten organised crime figures in Victoria.

He is also suspected of helping to orchestrate the prison murder of Carl Williams after it was revealed the drug kingpin was co-operating with Purana's investigation into Melbourne's gangland war and allegations of police corruption.

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