Monday, July 6, 2015

Welfare reforms needed but in the wrong direction?

AS reported by the Herald Sun (herein referred to as the H/S) daily publication, apparently:

"MORE than 70 per cent of people on the dole have been milking the taxpayer for more than a year".


In the same article does the H/S mention that the government lets in 290,000 immigrants, approx. 1000 per week into Victoria?

Does the H/S mention that these immigrants come to Australia under the 457 Visa taking away jobs from Australians for at least half of the labour cost saving to employers?

Does the H/S mention that prior to immigration the prospective immigrants burn their identification papers and other documents claiming that they are 'refugees' in order to immigrate to Australia to 'scum' of the system or in order to commit crime?

Does the H/S mention that there are immigration classes overseas teaching potential immigrants how to 'cheat' welfare'?

Does the H/S mention that 'trouble maker' immigrants are sought to keep the masses at bay?*

Does the H/S mention that the government gives away taxpayers hard earned dollars, in the magnitude of ten thousand,  for 'refugees' to set them up with new furniture, LCD tv's, iPhones, tablets while there are desperate homeless people including children that need financial support that the government (deliberately) does not give them?

Does the H/S mention that Australia's current Prime Minister stated that Australia was started as an economic project?

Does the H/S mention how many Aussies cannot get jobs because they have been replaced by migrant labour?

Another coverup of the truth and propaganda spin, by the official government lap dog, the corporate media.

Shame, Shame, Shame on you !!! !!! !!!

* Warning, the sentence 'could' be conspiracy theory.

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