Saturday, August 8, 2015

Centrelink is exempt from most subpoenas - BOLLOCKS !

When it comes to 'advertising' material from the corporation conglomerate (commonly referred to as the 'government'), the underlying tones are for the prospective customer to be subservient to any corporate agreement, where the information provided is in order to entice business is either (but not limited to) being:

  • false,
  • deliberately misleading,
  • incomplete.

Current records indicate that Centrelink "operates in the community" as a business with the ABN of 29 468 422 437.


The current claim is that the business called Centrelink is exempt from "most" subpoenas, as seen in 'brochure' below.

The claim is that this is allowed under Section 207 of the Social Security Act (1999).

Please note that what the 'authorities' do NOT want the 'plebs' to know is that particular Act is not a lawfully passed Act.

To add more insult to injury the corporate logo near the bottom of the page also states that Centrelink is "giving you options".

Accoring to the claim that Centrelink is exempt from most subpoenas, shows you do not have the options you are led to believe you have.

Please also note that a person who works for the business called Centrelink, can be sued, also liable for civil and criminal damages occurred as a result of their actions.

Why do you think they (the staff) do not give you their FULL NAME?

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Phillip Kahle said...

That's limiting an Officer, not Centrelink itself fronting court carrying in information. Also note that corporations must be represented in courts by a Solicitor.