Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Constitutional Recognition - Government propaganda in full swing!

The corporation conglomerate (nee Australian Government) is in full swing to advertise to the sheep voters (not that voting actually matters, they just need your name - get off the electoral roll !!!) a message the way only sheep can understand that being through sports 'stars' - (as you'd be aware... sports stars know a ship load about politics, that's why they're sports stars and NOT politicians - right?).

(illustration of AFL player Adam Goodes)

The government does NOT give a flying fcuk about the people's right's (as shown in the laws that are passed (unlawfully) through parliament.

The government does NOT give a flying fcuk about the 'flora and fauna' (a previous description of Indigenous Australians), as depicted by the current ACTIONS the government takes against the Indigenous Australians (e.g. shutting down of remote communities, deaths in custody, etc).

What other 'trick' question will be used to erode the rights of EVERY single 'Australian'?

See referendum results: http://corpau.blogspot.com.au/…/australian-referendum-dates…

See Australian Constitution: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B21_coIgIYu2blVRSkVidDRiTU0

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