Tuesday, September 8, 2015

'Government' Logic 101 - Port Arthur Massacre.

So... the story goes like this...

In a sleepy town south-east of Hobart, in TASMANIA an apparent lone gunman who was a bit NQR (Not Quite Right) shot firearms like a sniper killing 35 people and wounding 23.

Sam Jones's photo. A probable solution for that to NEVER happen again would be for the 'government' (read corporation conglomerate) to put measures in place so that retarded people cannot obtain high powered weapons including the ones from VicPol (oops sorry the corporate media did not mention this).

But in reality what the government does is that it takes away the weapons from 'law abiding' subjects of the Queen, in VICTORIA to hand them in to the 'authorities'.

NOW that makes sense... (NOT!!! !!! !!!)

So do you STILL trust the A$$HOLES in 'government'?

Were the 'real' criminals still remain armed.

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