Friday, September 11, 2015

List of corrupt judges, magistrates in Victoria?

Many people have been 'done' by law, unknown to them.

There may be a remedy in the form of a judicial review, which must be handled within the prescribed time frame.

Many people have had a matter heard by a 'judicial registrar' where the law clearly states that a 'magistrate' is to hear the matter, another 'erring in law'.

While the list is not quite a list of corrupt judges, magistrates or judicial clerks it is however a list of the current magistracy of Victoria.

Some people may refer to them as 'Your Honour', but if they were actually in honour, they would step down.

The list available for download at:

and also from

Please note that the corporate media reported that the magistracy in Tasmania was not sworn in correctly for the past 30 years.

See article:


Anonymous said...

The Tasmanian Attorney General least brought their adjudicators up to scratch. I always use that news item to debunk people attacking Freeman who claims they can't question the Judge's standing.

Anonymous said...

I watched my mother be scammed by a female Judge in Heidelberg. The corruption and insurgency is bad.

AuCorp said...

Thanks for your comments Phillip!

In Australia unfortunately the people are NOT 'free men' as many claim, or even as per perceived definition of the word in the Magna Carta of 1215 which in reality in NOT an Act but rather a treaty, which is ENTIRELY different to the meaning of the word in 2015.

In Australia people are serfs. If you are 're-presented' by a lawyer in court, you are seen as a mute, a ward of the state, unable to speak. This is the LEGAL reality people MUST wake up to


Any 'person' should/must question the judge's/magistrate's/judicial registrars standing, as people should comprehend that the so called courts function on you 'understanding' (in law meaning - standing under, subservient to), and (mutual) consent.