Thursday, October 15, 2015

Australian politicians elite white collar criminals untouchable by law

Australia has a new elite squad of criminals

Not the low life street thugs that steal little old ladies handbags.

These guys are worse.

They promote slave labour, racism, the dis-assembly of the family unit, warmongering for profit.

They steal 'your' money from your bank accounts, threaten you with harm, intimidation with firearms by their side.

The unlawful 'star chamber' (one man jury) has sent many a man to jail for victimless 'crimes'.

So who are these scumbags?

Why they're people who are part of the executive, you know polticians, MPs, the sheriff, Australia's finest - the judicature, with a helping hand(gun) of the police 'force'.

Take for example the current crims in office Victoria's 'premier' Daniel Andrews who is up for rorting votes, and another a$$hole an MP by the name of Bill Shorten up for fraud.

So how will the 'law' handle these crims?

In the same manner it handles all the other ones...


Australia truly a 'lucky' country.

The story would no doubt be different if they were NOT part of the 'brotherhood'.

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