Saturday, March 12, 2016

Auction by the Sheriff - Unnamed armed assailants

What many Victorians do not comprehend is that the person in office as the Sheriff of Victoria, Brendan Facey is not in office lawfully.

Also in many instances the corporation conglomerate (read government) 'hide' the name of your assailant.

As many people would know your person's name is the key, therefore sometimes (read quite often) the authorities do not give the full name of the person you are up against.

One example of this policy is taken from the public notice listing of the daily newspaper as shown in the illustration below.


The public can read that Erdal Vural's dwelling will be auctioned, but there is no mention of the name of the Sheriff.

At the end of the notice the word 'Sheriff' appears with no reference to any person's name.

The only other communication that one may receive from the 'Sheriff' of Victoria with the person's name is a computer generated letter with a digitised scan of a signature that may be Brendan Facey's signature, but not in wet ink, alleging that you have an outstanding warrant.

One would like to think that one's warrants are all 'outstanding'.

When you write a response with regards to your alleged 'warrant' you do not get a response from Brendan Facey as the 'Sheriff', you get  a response from the Director of IMES, Brendan Facey. 

Another example of you not knowing your assailant's name can be taken from the law list of the Magistrates' Court on any day.

In the illustration below a sample is taken from Friday the 11th day of March 2016, at the Magistrates' Court in Melbourne under the criminal listing.

Notice that the defendant's (full) name is mentioned, but not the person who they are up against.

Another action by the authorities of a penal colony system.

Please note that to date there is no lawful warrant (in Victoria) that exists against a person that is generated as a result of the 'Infringements Court'.

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