Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Criminal Motorcycle Gangs - Corporate media lies?

Here's one for the record books.

So the corporate media has stated that fraudster Brian John Kelly has strong connections to "Criminal Motorcycle Gangs".

So that means the the 'gang' the he has connections to has been "actually" charged with criminal activity.

The whole 'gang' must be charged with criminal activity.

If the 'gang' is an association, a business entity, or a corporation then that entity has to be charged as a criminal organisation as a whole.

Can the corporate media produce such documentation that the organisation as a whole has been charged 'criminally'?

If not, then they have stated false or deliberately misleading information.

It's like saying the criminal labour party or the criminal MP's in office.

Let's start labeling ALL MP's as criminal MP's.

Is this part of a deliberate political agenda for fear mongering?

Is this part of a deliberate ploy to discredit the 'gang' that may have people that commit criminal activity?

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