Sunday, April 24, 2016

Australian 'charities' defrauding millions annually from taxpayers

Australian charities are businesses where 'money for mates' deals are setup, where up 95% of the monies obtained can be dissolved into the running of the business before even one cent ( technically not possible in physical terms) makes it to the actual cause.

WE have obtained figures from various charities which shows a consistent average of 90% of funds going into 'administration' costs.

The CEO of the 'charity' is on a high salary together with many other benefits, like using the company's motor vehicle for private use, extra curricular activities as a tax 'dodge'.

They then hire their 'mates' on a decent salary in order to 'administer' the organisaton, where it all may look legitimate on paper, but once an audit is done, it's a 'money for mates' scam, all at the expense of the Australian 'mums and dads' taxpayers.

When purchasing equipment they hire their 'mates' services or obtain products which are grossly inflated, in easy unscruitinised purchases effectively defrauding the 'mums and dads' yet again.

This is only one minute example of being 'busted', but it is with little doubt that this practice will go on uncurbed, as this also implicates people in government, who are also 'supporting' this fraud.

It is very doubtful that a Royal Commission will ever see the light of day on this matter.

See article from 24 Apr 2016 by The Age of the headline:

Anzac charity in firing line

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