Saturday, April 2, 2016

Federal Court corruption - Bob Jane witch hunt

It's not until you go to 'court' (read a place of business, trading and commerce) fighting your unlawful fine from the RMS (Roads and Maritime Services), Traffic Camera Office or a parking fine from your 'local council' with the correct paperwork and a comprehension on what is called 'law' in this country is when you will realise the corruption and fraud by those in office or in positions of 'power'.

You will note that ALL courtroom procedures (edit: in Victoria) are recorded, and available at your request on a compact disc to you (most often for a fee) or given to an official service provider to be accurately transcribed.

It's not until you are in a position to prove the courtroom 'shenanigans' regarding what the general populace perceive as 'law' is when your court recordings go missing.

We have obtained dozens of reports of cases where the recordings of the matters was allegedly never made, or video evidence that incriminates the 'authorities' was lost or deleted, where the people before the courts expose the corruption fraud and deception associated with law in this country.

In the highly publicised matter between Mr.Robert (Bob) Jane and his son, from a previous marriage, Rodney Jane the matter seems to have turned against Bob, in the Federal Court (in Victoria) in what seems to be a 'corrupt' (proper term 'err' in law) decision.

AS reported, court orders allegedly state that Bob Jane is not permitted to use his name to sell tyres.

Note the operative words to sell tyres.

Mr. Robert (Bob) Jane opened up a business called BOB JANE INTEGRITY INSURANCE LIMITED (ACN:608143764)  on 9.11.2015, selling a product called insurance.

Now for the record, or in case one has been in a coma since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution,  selling insurance and selling tyres are business that are worlds apart.

Therefore ANY claims the Bob Jane is in breach and/or in contempt of  court have no basis in law and are vexatious and should have not been allowed to proceed.

The person that allowed the papers to be filed in court should be sued and not Bob Jane.

The court 'orders' in this case are a farce.

See original article from the Herald Sun publication from the 31st of Mar 2016 of the headline:

Tyre King Bob Jane admitted to hospital amid ongoing legal battles

Bob Jane at County Court Melbourne Monday 8th December 2014. Picture:Andrew Batsch
EXCLUSIVE: TYRE King Bob Jane has spent almost a week in hospital amid concerns years of legal battles have affected his health.

The 86-year-old was admitted to hospital last week following a health scare linked to a blood disorder.

He spent five nights under observation before being discharged on Tuesday in time for his latest court showdown with estranged son Rodney.

Sources close to Bob Jane say the ongoing feuds with Rodney are now impacting his health.

Rodney, who now owns the Bob Jane T-Mart empire, wants the Federal Court to find his famous dad in contempt after he launched an insurance company.

Rodney Jane leaves Court in Melbourne after winning against his dad, Bob Jane in a lawsuit.
It is alleged the company, that launched as Bob Jane Integrity Insurance, breached a court order that banned Bob Jane using his name to sell tyres.

The company has now changed its name to Integrity Insurance Australia.

Rodney Jane has previously suggested his dad should be jailed for continuing to ignore court orders.

The pair fell out after Rodney took over the T-Mart business and Bob accused him of swiping the firm he ran for 40 years and sending him broke.

The two have been locked in bitter legal battles since 2011. Bob Jane says he has lost almost all a $100 million empire.

Bob Jane leaves Court in Melbourne after losing his lawsuit against his son, Rodney.
In November 2013, the Federal Court banned him from using his name to sell tyres after Rodney argued his trademark was being infringed.

Bob Jane was ordered to change the name of companies including Bob Jane Global and Jane Tyres.

After failing to he was found in “wilful and contumacious breach” of Federal Court orders and fined $100,000-plus.

He was later fined for failing to pay the original contempt fines.

The Janes were set to face off in the Federal Court today but the matter was adjourned because of Bob Jane’s health.

Sources have told the Herald Sun Bob Jane is recovering well.

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