Monday, April 11, 2016

Hacking offences - an assault on the people

Let's put to the side the actual legitimacy of the laws that the current government put in place.

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology a 'hacker' can literally be anyone involved in the computer industry.

The paper put out by the company commonly referred to as the Australian Government states that a 'hacker' can be a person:

  • who explores programmable systems,
(we want to know how Windows  10 works 'cause we hate the 'Start' menu).*
  •  who is obsessive about programming,
(we really need to know how to get this app up and running for the work deadline).*
  •  who is able to program quickly, or 
(we finished this app in 3 days and told our employer it would take 7... hehehe).*
  •  is an expert in a particular program.
(we really love MS Excel 2016 (v16) and know ALL the features).*

More generally:

  • an expert enthusiast,
(we have perfected the art of being an enthusiast in tegestology).*
  •  one who enjoys creatively overcoming limitations, or 
(we have found a new way of overcoming the limitations of our large intestine).*
  •  a malicious meddler seeking confidential information.
(we need to obtain the 'colour of law' for court purposes in relation to our alleged 'speeding fine' matter).*

See how whatever little rights you have on this penal colony have been degraded with these unlawfully enacted laws.

Original source at:

or alternative download at:

Since Australia is still a penal colony, the laws are reflective of this. 

- Oops, that's a bit of a bugger, the administration of this penal colony classifies us as a 'hacker'?

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