Sunday, June 26, 2016

Police and court staff who altered recordings to be charged

Never rely on police or court recordings.

That information is not for you to incriminate them, it's for their use to incriminate you.

When one walks into a Australia's corporatised police station or the place of business/ trading/commerce called a court, one might notice a plethora of cameras.

From the moment one is inside a court room, audio is recorded, and if video is visibly present or even hidden you can be assured it's recording.

Many court cases that are uneventful or do not incriminate the judiciary are supplied to the 'customer' without modification.

Court cases that blatantly incriminate the judicial registrar, magistrate or judge or others are the ones you have to pay particular attention to.

We've been informed of many such cases in the Melbourne courts where people have their court supplied recording being altered.

In extreme circumstances the customer was told that the recording equipment was not switched on or was faulty on that day.

The police personnel from the police station only next door to a court told one person that the video footage was erased 'accidentally'. A video that incriminated police.

ANY first year computer science student or maybe 11 year old whiz kid could retrieve such information.

This practice has been rampant in the courts but as always not reported by the corporate media.

This has gotten to a level where some people have had enough and have taken steps to charge the people involved.

We have obtained information in confidence in relation to who did what, and naturally we cannot name the perpetrators, as disclosing this information or a public forum could jeopardise any criminal proceedings.

Make no mistake about it - police lie under oath, produce false statements, false affidavits in court every single day.

Are you one of their victims?

We urge the use of an impartial 'note taker' when interacting with police and in court.


Svetlana Rauzer said...

I know 100% that the Ballarat magistrates court alter court recordings. I know 100% that Magistrate Richard Pithouse used a false document no less than 3 times! I know policewoman Kim Oliva forges documents.

AuCorp said...

Good old Pithouse, a name that has come up too many times in people's matters.

What you would want to do there is to charge him, criminally.

What a person would want to do is order a judicial review, with respect his/her matter.