Sunday, July 3, 2016

What happens if you don't vote - AEC reveals all - (we say BS)

Here is more government propaganda from the greatest BS artists in the country.

Don't look to the corporate media for a 'solution' now will you...

The corporate media will not tell you that the $20 fine is UNLAWFUL.

The corporate media will not tell you that a 'legitimate' reason for not voting is for religious reasons.

The corporate media will not tell you:
- show me the document where I signed by my own hand in my normal signature that states that I have 'enrolled' on the electoral roll.

A spokesperson from the AEC stated that "We live in a damn good democracy, in Australia"

 - That is absolute rubbish / false / misleading information.
Australia NEVER was a 'democracy'.
It's a penal colony / corporatocracy / fascist or police state, take your pick.

In the so called democracy of the United States of America, you have a choice whether you want to vote or not.

How can a place be called a 'democracy' if your freedom of choice has been taken away?

Notice how the corporate media did not mention the name of the alleged 'spokesperson' from the AEC.

The corporate media will not tell you that the AEC (Australian Electoral Commission) is committing electoral fraud.

The corporate media tells you that Australians are 'citizens' (a totally different standing in law) rather than 'subjects of the Queen' (the Queen as in the U.K. monarch and NOT the 'Queen of Australia' - an unlawful/illegal entity).

You can read the article from 2 July 2016 from of the headline:

What happens if you don’t vote this Federal Election?

Don’t want to vote today? Prepare to cop a $20 fine.

VOTERS uninspired by the Federal Election could elect to opt-out of the vote and instead cop a $20 fine.
It comes as the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) sent a strict warning to voters who choose not to engage in the polling booths, despite already being enrolled, telling they could face court time if they fail to show.

A spokesperson for the AEC told non-voters would be issued a ‘non-voter notice’ for failing to meet their legal requirement, which will provide you with two options.

1. To pay a $20 fine or ...

2. Provide a valid reason why you haven’t cast a vote.

“If somebody says they didn’t feel like it, it’s not a valid reason,” a spokesperson for AEC told

If you provide a valid reason instead of paying the $20 fine, it will be judged by an AEC official as to whether they believe your excuse is legitimate.

You could expect to find out if you evaded the fine in the “vicinity of a month or two”.

“If, within the time period specified on the notice, you fail to reply, cannot provide a valid and sufficient reason or decline to pay the $20 penalty, then the matter may be referred to a court,” its website reads.

“If the matter is dealt with in court and you are found guilty, you may be fined up to $180 plus court costs and a criminal conviction may be recorded against you.”

But an AEC spokesperson was baffled by the idea of not voting, telling “Above and beyond, the question is why wouldn't you vote? It’s kind of fun seeing the atmosphere.

“But aside from social element, you are having your say. We live in a damn good democracy,
in Australia you have very easy access to your vote, you get to have a say about who represents you, I don’t know why people would fight to not vote.”

The AEC denied rumours claiming citizens get off lightly if they don’t vote, explaining “we go and compare a list of electors, we compare that to list of other polling booths and see who has been crossed off and hasn’t.

“It’s a manual process to see who has voted or who hasn't.”

There is good news for those not enrolled to vote; the AEC said it was “out of the question” for them to vote.

“If you rock up and try to vote we won’t find you on the list of electors,” they said.

- Polling booths are open from 8am-6pm.

— Go to to find your nearest poling place or call 132326 (open all day tomorrow from 7).

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Robert W said...

I can confirm that if you contact the AEC and state your reason for not voting as "I'm a Jehovah's Witness" you are excluded from voting and will not be fined. Your reason or excuse is deemed as sufficient and satisfactory. However, doing so will NOT get your name removed from the AEC roll permanently. Your name remains on the AEC roll and you will need to contact the AEC after each and every fail-to-vote incident and state the religious/Jehovah's Witness claim to again be excused from voting. Jehovah's Witnesses believe that God controls what happens in the world - not politicians! - so they see no reason to vote. I used to live in an American city with a high population of Jehovah's Witnesses.