Monday, August 15, 2016

Census a failure admits the Australian government.


the imbeciles in government who are in charge of;

  • directing your life,
  • protecting our borders,
  • listening to the will of the people and enacting on it,
  • providing a safe and secure environment for YOUR sensitive, private and confidential data

have failed in keeping your data safe, secure and free from compromises.

The government has stated that your data will be secure when you log into the ABS website, despite the fact that a simple secure website was NOT in place when one was to provide private and confidential data to this business.

The government is also fully aware that all traffic on the internet is NOT secure, despite this fact still tells the masses that their data is secure.

You have been threatened via television and radio messages that if you do not fill in the census form you will be fined, even up to $180 for every single day the census form has not been returned.

What no 'authority' has told you, is that you do not have to pay the fine.

You can contest the fine in a court of law, as this is the right of every 'person' according to Australian law.

What lawfully enacted laws are in place that allow a company called the ABS to 'fine' you?

What the government or corporate media will not tell you: NONE.

What laws are in place that 'fine' the company known as the ABS for not keeping your data safe?

Keep in mind that the ABS, last year sold (your?) data to the tune of $41 million.

What was your dividend from that sale?

The government has provided too many instances of false / misleading information to the masses with regards to data collection by a business called the ABS.

Therefore as a result we cannot recommend any man or woman to provide information to the business known as the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics, ABN: 26 331 428 522), registered in the state of Western Australia, also trading under the name of: Bureau Of Statistics Western Australia.

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