Friday, August 26, 2016

Dodgy government data mining commercials - AncestryDNA too?

Leading up to the allegedly compulsory ( is it really compulsory at law? we say NO it's not) Australian census date of 9th of August 2016, the corporation conglomerate (read government) went on a propaganda binge (tv/radio commercial advertisement campaign).

You can almost smell a dirty rat emanating from the tv screen that almost makes you want to puke, when you see a 'govenment' ad telling you what to do.

With regards to the census, the Australian Government sends out a "thank you" for completing the 2016 census.

Why should you be 'thanked' if it is compulsory?

The Australian government also claims that "The census data is apparently used to shape Australia's future."

This is absolute bollocks.

There is literally no data that is needed from the census that can be used to "shape Australia's future".

The government already has all the data it needs from other departments, including but not limited to the taxation office, social security, and bank account information, residential records from the land titles office, births death and marriages, immigration department etc etc.

The Australian government claims that "your data is safe"

  • What penalties are in force if your data is compromised?

  • How can your data be safe if it was sold last year for $41,000,000

See blog post :
Australian Bureau of Statistics sells YOUR data for $41 million

  • How  can your data be safe if it has been reported that the ABS has been hacked 14 times since 2013?

  • How can you trust a 'government' that blatantly provides false information over the airwaves.

See official government advertisement, REMINDING you to fill in the census if you already have not at:

NOTE: We do not recommend any man/woman to fill in the census.

So now the herd populace of this country is subjected to AncestryDNA commercials, where your DNA will be stored in a (government?) database forever.

The BEST part about is that YOU have to pay to get your DNA logged into some (dodgy?) database.

Mind you this is not done by force (for now), but rather in an enticing package (see illustration below).

Will you be a muppet and pay $149 to have your DNA stored on some database that (probably/most likely) will be used against you at a future date?

The 2016 Census advertisment the Australian government should be aired on national television:

Title: Honest Government Advert - Census Day


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