Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Corporations demonising cash

It looks like the days of our worthless cash (queen no crown, not gold backed, plastic, corporate promissory note) are coming to an end soon on this colony of the British empire?

The corporations, a company called the 'Australian Government' and the mainstream media are on the bandwagon pushing for 'magic money' (numbers on a device, eg. 'plastic' i.e. credit card and now smart phones)  where soon you'll not be able to physically touch the corporate promissory note as it is being 'marketed' as illegal (whatever that means) in cash-in-hand, jobs.

BRILLIANT strategy.

Don't forget it's for your own good.

The fact the data (your every single purchase via 'magic money' ) can and will be used to monitor and control your movements is only a 'conspiracy theory'. 

The 'sheeple' love it, as they can pay soooooo easily with their iJunk from Apple a trustworthy company.

Don't forget Apple used professional trader's info (stolen) from their devices from the stock market app for financial gain.

From what we've heard that's fraud, but what would we know about law....

No doubt some mental case may even embed the NFC/RFID chip into their sock and pay for an item where the mainstream media will focus on this for seven weeks straight.

Don't forget the government holds true to its word as it enacts the 'will' of the people and the herd populace has spoken, they LOVE to pay for their rubbish they purchase from their iCr@p devices.

Aussies (not everyone, just the herd populace) sure do LOVE their financial enslavement.

NEVER forget that this technology is hackable.

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