Friday, November 11, 2016

In Australia go to prison for fines from a business but get away with murder

The people of this continent have entrusted their family's lives into the hands of the 'authorities' that being the law makers, MPs and their (and not the people's) minions the police.

Who are the 'people' and where to they stand with regards to law on this continent?

The wise men who one would think are more qualified than anyone else from the herd population, create laws with 'integrity' in mind for "peace, order and good government".

Laws are created by those wise men with integrity in such a manner that a person can go to prison for over a year for not paying unlawful fines emanating from a company who's alleged power comes from an unlawfully enacted law (Act).

If you receive a parking fine you are treated by the courts as a criminal.

If you are in court for speeding, your entire driving history is before the court and the public, whereas if you killed someone your prior history is suppressed.

The wise lawmaking men with 'integrity' have set the courts up in dealing with fictitious debt to unlawful corporations treating the person as a criminal whereas one who can kill a toddler can literally get away with murder?

Just showing the cannon fodder their place in this administrative penal colony.

How different would the administration deal with a murdered daughter or son of a judge?

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Unknown said...

It's all because of the Unidroit Treaty which is Vatican laws all our Police, magistrates and lawyers are committing treason, along with the Governor the Act of Settlement 1701 it is the Queens employment contract...they all swear oath to the Queen...communion or reconciling with the Church of Rome or Pope is prohibited...Magistrates put their hand on the King James Bible 1611 and swear Oath to the Queen who swore Oath to the true proffession ofthe Gospel in the PProtestant reformed religion...then they go to the Vatican and attend a RED MASS praying to ST THOMAS MORE who is the Catholic inquisitor who did the bible burnings in England and had William Tyndale who translated the King James Bible burnt at the stake.