Saturday, November 12, 2016

Refugees are not the problem corrupt governments that create them are

Is the company called the 'Australian Government' supporting overseas corrupt government actions by accepting refugees ?

THE general populous of Australia have been 'notified' by a member of the 'Australian Government' (Bronwyn Bishop - in 2015) that:

"The first job of a government is to look after the safety of its people"

As one should be aware 'refugees' are created as a result of something going very wrong in one's country.

That something going 'wrong' is as a result of a failure of governance ("peace, order, and good government").

Refugees are NOT the problem, they are as a result of a corrupt government.

As people power can prevail, HELP them deal with the corrupt people in their country's government by sending them back EN MASSE.


Paris Kalachnikov said...

Could not agree more with all the above

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I am a shark attack survivor, or 'sustainable development' survivor in the real world. Its pissed me off royally. Man are dead, just kids. For no reason. AG21 is it but that isnt good enough at all. They are clearly insane. I wana send some art to you.

I have been recovering from shark attack for 5 years and am seeing whats really going on. The Awakening some say. Anyway could you email me at so I can forward some? Im not a pest and cash does zip for me. Just pissed and want to group with others because of that. I have 3 kids. Im livid about the UN maniacs.

Glen Folkard.
Shark Attack Researcher.
UN21 - Great White Survivor 2012'

"Sustainable Development" by the 'UN' - Crock of Shit.

The plan to SLAUGHTER 90% of us is what it really is!


Wake up World!