Wednesday, November 9, 2016

US election fraud, whereas the Australian government is sqeeky clean?

In as little words as possible:

The Australian executive apparently overflowing highly qualified people with integrity.

Let's put aside the recent 'Teflon (alleged) criminals' like Steve Herbert and Attorney-General George Brandis in office.

Why does the corporate media not report on the people who have been harmed by Victoria Police who have decided to take action receiving on average $250,000 per week?

So the herd populace is told "nothing to hide nothing to fear" right ??? !!! ???

So why do the Australian courts seal cases that the public cannot access regarding the fraud within the judicature?

The Australian government dealing in transparency, right?

If the people in a business called the 'Australian Government' are in office lawfully and in office for "peace, order, and good government" (Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act), ask yourself why can't you obtain a senate writ?

Try this at home:

Write a letter to your friendly government (under FOI - 'cause the serfs are allowed this privilege) asking for a senate writ and post your response here.

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