Tuesday, November 15, 2016

We deserve more control over our data collected by corporations

How's this for a laugh.

Apparently the slave population of Australia 'deserve' control over their data collected by corporations.

But here's one huge problem.

Once the data is 'collected', it's on corporate servers therefore it's no longer theirs (the slave's data).

Slaves? What a 'conspiracy theory' nutter! A tin foil (mad) hatter!!!

Corporations own your 'person's' name, the ones who are stakeholders on the back of your Birth Certificate, which is given a CUSIP number.

As if the corporation conglomerate is going to let a serf control anything.

The 'Australian Government' is one such entity that owns all your online data.

Article from 4 November 2016 by news.com.au of the headline:

Productivity Commission calls for greater control for consumers over the personal data they generate

Do you wish you had more access and control of the data collected on you?

DO YOU ever wonder how much personal data and information companies and government agencies are collecting on you?
We know it’s a lot. But when it comes to knowing exactly what it is we’re pretty much kept in the dark.

But that could be set to change if the government adopts a recommendation by the Productivity Commission to mandate better access for the public to the personal data being collected on them. It also wants to give us the ability to opt out of data collection programs.

In a draft report released Thursday, the government’s research and advisory body said the federal government should legislate the “comprehensive right” for consumers to have control over their personal data.

The difficulty of obtaining personal data collected by companies has been highlighted in a number of cases in the past, such as former technology journalist Ben Grubb’s 22-month fight to have Telstra provide him with access to the metadata generated by his mobile phone.

Among the tasks being carried out by the inquiry is to explore the benefits and costs of making public and private datasets more readily available to the consumers, and to consider how to best preserve individual privacy and control over data use.

With the release of the draft report the commission is now seeking public and industry input for what it’s describing as a major overhaul of Australia’s data policy framework.

“Surprising though it may be to many, individuals have no rights to ownership of the data that is collected about them,” productivity commission chair Peter Harris said.

“Data is increasingly an asset, and when you create an asset you should have the ability to use it, or not, at your choice.”

The power of data is serving to reshape entire industries and highly sought after consumer data has become a driving force in modern marketing with the trend tipped to explode in the coming years.

This graph shows the projected trend of the amount of global data being collected.Source:Supplied

Many Australians are unaware of the level of data they give up.Source:Supplied

“As marketers, we have more data at our disposal now than our predecessors could have imagined in their wildest dreams,” wrote marketing technologist Scott Brinker last year.

The various datasets collected by the likes of telcos, mobile service providers and social media sites are frequently bought and sold to advertisers. But the Productivity Commission would like to make it easier for us to share such data with people who we actually want to have it.

“We are proposing the creation of a Comprehensive Right to data control for consumers that would give people the right to access their data, and direct that it be sent to another party, such as a new doctor, insurance company or bank,” Mr Harris said.

The commission will also seek to mandate a provision to expand the right of customers to easily opt out of data collecting. However given how valuable the data can be, such a provision would likely be a difficult one to see enacted.

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Justinian Deception said...

The State BIRTH Certificate is the property of the State that issued it, such as the registered corporate governments of Australia that are registered to the UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION. Any company or corporate entity registered to the Commonwealth of Australia or its states, such as the Government bodies with their "ABN's" are the property of such a UNITED STATES Entity so any person registered as a Citizen of such a company owns nothing. The very act of registering to such a company surrenders your equity to such a company for administration, so no matter what you claim as your property, even though you assumed you paid for it, you still own nothing because even the money (Company Scrip) you used to buy your home, your car and every other thing you paid for with their company scrip, belongs to the company you are registered to.

Your SURNAME appearing in all uppercase text, being the designation of a LEDGER, and not a proper name, is the thing they use to attach your God given rights to their property, so while you hold their "LEDGER" being an all uppercase symbol, and not proper descriptive English text, you maintain your "agreed" rights of a dead man, that's right, having no rights at all! giving the foreign company that you registered to, the right over everything you assumed that you owned...

Mr and Mrs and Miss, are military titles, that's right, military, and if you are in the military you have a "Dog Tag" rendering you as a dead dog, but where did the "dog" come from? the private corporate operate under "DOG-LATIN" text and not English, even though the ignorant assume that THIS ALL UPPERCASE TEXT IS ENGLISH, its not, and if you think it is English text, your DEAD IN THE WATER...

If you think this is good or bad, that is up to you, but as George Soros stated, he has no morality because you don't need it in the corporate system, and why you may ask, because corporations and companies operate in a different written language to English text, they use "LATIN" text, being an all uppercase text for their LEDGERS, and not only do they use Latin text, they use a "debased" form of such a language called "DOG-LATIN" being a "debased" version of Latin grammatical rules. (Check Blacks Law Dictionary 4th edition "DOG-LATIN" for conformation) The word "debased" is also like a "declension", being an "immoral" and "criminal" act that can be agreed upon in the event that the two parties agree! ... but you, the normal everyday worker, were ignorant of such a secret system usurped into what you assumed to be the proper English commercial system... While you remain a citizen, your consent to be a slave and a subject of such a corporate entity has been assumed as confirmed and you must do as you are ordered. You are no longer Australian, you become the foreign AUSTRALIAN, being the designation of a foreign LEDGER of a foreign Company. The only way out is knowledge of the system you have unwittingly been subjected too because people like George Soros is waiting in the shadows to get you! ...