Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Australia Day 2017

There is literally no doubt that Australia is run by a highly deceitful executive.

One part of this deceitful executive is the parliamentarians, where they are committing fraud and theft of the public purse and only a small portion of the fraud makes it out into the mainstream media.

Another part of the deceitful executive is the judicature which does not document court cases accurately, apparently experiences 'technical difficulties' in matters that expose a corrupt legal system, seals court documents that expose an unlawful state of governance over the people of Australia and many other actions which people will no doubt delegate to a 'conspiracy theory'.

The judicature apparently tells us that Australia is an 'independent' nation, but this has never been clarified by any court as to which exact date (not occurrence of an event) this allegedly occurred. 

Australians should know that America's Independence Day is on the 4th of July. Most Australian Hellenic people would know that Greece's Independence day is on the 25th of March. So where is Australia's 'Independence Day' marked on our calendar again? 

Another branch of the executive is the police 'force'. Many people have mistaken the police for being public servants as a result alleging that the police work for the people. The police are a  business branch of the executive, and work for the corporation conglomerate referred to as the government. 
They never have and never will work 'for the people'. The Australian police force is a highly corrupt organisation where they destroy evidence that implicates them, provide false information to the courts under oath without any repercussion, and in many cases falsify documents tendered as evidence. Let's also never forget that they issues fines unlawfully. The real state of corruption of Australia's police force is (deliberately) not being reported by the mainstream media.

So what's all the above got to do with Australia Day? Well plenty, silly.

The colonialists (people in the 'Australian Government') tell their slave population that it's a great day to celebrate. 

What is there to celebrate the day the people of this country lost their 'freedom' on the 26th of January?

What the people in government do not tell their serf population is that when Captain Cook brought the First Fleet on the 26th Day of January 1788, he installed Martial Law on the people of this continent.

Don't let that worry you, let a person in government who defrauds millions of your tax dollars annually tell you otherwise.

Will you celebrate government lies or will you acknowledge the truth?

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