Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Police employee suicide v single fathers committing suicide

So, here's something for the herd population of Australia to ponder over.

Let's have a look at what the 'executive' is up to:

Apparently Australia's police force has a very stressful job.

For starters;

  • Maybe if they were not a 'force' upon the people, then some of this stress could be alleviated.

  • Maybe if they did not issue fines unlawfully, then they would not have the burden hanging over their head of going to prison at some point later in time.

  • Maybe if they did not serve invalid court orders upon the people which bring harm to the people, the police would not be so stressed out.

  • Maybe they realise that their oath to the 'Queen' is fraudulent.

But don't let the mainstream media sort those 'technicalities' out for you.

On the 6th of February 2017 the mainstream media reported that there was a shooting at the police headquarters in La Trobe St Melbourne.

Details at first were very minimal and the police were as usual very tight lipped.

The following day details emerged that a female police officer was shot where the police stated that:
“Our colleague’s death is not believed to be suspicious,”

The AFP also confirmed that the death was ‘not accidental’.

So at the end of the day the female police officer committed suicide as a result of the pressures of her job?

So now watch how the executive acts as a result of the officer's suicide, with support and safety measures to be put in place.

Let's flip the coin and see what's going on in Peasant Land:

The wise men which forced laws onto the people of this land, made it a requirement that a man has to beg an 'honour' (whatever that means) behind a bench in a court to see his son / daughter.

This man has to hire an interloper who can suck the man's life savings out of him so that the man can have an extra hour per week with his son / daughter.

It does not take long for someone to have enough of a fraudulent legal system and deal with it the only way they know how to.

Lionel Murphy, was pretty dodgy, in closed circles known as a paedophile, was also responsible for an unlawfully enacted Act called the Family Law Act, but don't let the mainstream media tell you this.

So how many fathers are driven to despair and ultimately suicide, per week in 2016, by a corrupt legal system that takes their son / daughter away from them, under the label of a 'child'?

Surely you do not see the executive scrambling to protect their tax slave fathers?

The government will just import more expendable flesh at the rate of 1000 per week into Melbourne.

The system by not allowing full access of an underage son /daughter to their mother and father is actually supporting 'child' abuse. 

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