Monday, March 6, 2017

Australia's parliament full of swindlers and cheats - Michaelia Cash - Employment minister

China's government stated not that long ago that Australia was once roamed by "rascals and outlaws".

We're quite happy to state that Australia is run (you know people in the 'executive' - people in parliament, people in the courts, and the one's (en)'forcing' the law upon you)  by "rascals and outlaws".


They call this piece of garbage 'Honourable' (whatever that means)..

Another cheat in parliament by the name of Michaelia Cash, an 'employment' minister, whatever that is.

Obviously FAILED at her job, as there are over (officially) 700,000 UNemployed Australians.

Read the article from 6 Mar 2017 from of the headline:

Michaelia Cash caught out failing to properly declare $1.4m investment property

© Andrew Meares Employment minister Michaelia Cash failed to declare a $1.4 million house. 
A Turnbull government cabinet minister has been caught out failing to properly declare her financial interests, potentially placing her in "serious contempt" of federal parliament.

Employment Minister Michaelia Cash did not declare a mortgage on a $1.4 million investment property for almost four months – and finally made the disclosure only after questions from Fairfax Media.

Ms Cash bought the house next door to her home in the upmarket Perth suburb of Floreat in early November, property records show.

It's the fourth house in her portfolio, and second investment property. Ms Cash took almost three months to declare the house but did not declare the new mortgage – both of which are required under the rules.

Asked about the potential oversight on February 20, Ms Cash's office declined to comment. But disclosures released on Monday reveal she quietly added the Bankwest mortgage to her register on February 21.

© Andrew Meares Assistant Health Minister David Gillespie will review all his interests. 
Under the rules, any MP who knowingly fails to notify of any alteration to their interests within 28 days "shall be guilty of serious contempt of the House of Representatives and shall be dealt with by the House accordingly". Senator Cash took 78 days to declare the house and 109 days to declare the mortgage.

During last year's election campaign, Labor frontbencher David Feeney was slammed for failing to declare a $2.3 million negatively geared home. He later conceded it was the "biggest own goal" of the campaign.

And in 2010, then-opposition leader Tony Abbott was criticised when it was revealed he had failed to declare a $700,000 mortgage he took out on his Sydney home two years earlier.

Assistant Health Minister David Gillespie has also pledged to review his entire register of interests after he was caught out declaring an interest in a company that was deregistered two years earlier.

In his latest register, assembled after the election last year, Dr Gillespie declared a major financial stake in Port Macquarie Gastroenterology – even though the company was shuttered two years earlier.

Dr Gillespie conceded he was careless, saying he thought the company had been put into a freeze when it had in fact been closed down.

"It was an oversight," he told Fairfax Media. "It's my fault, I should have been more inquisitive."
Fairfax Media has sought fresh comment from Senator Cash.

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