Friday, March 3, 2017

Centrelink referred to federal police for privacy breach but no remedy for victims

Alan Trudge - Human Services Minister - Another criminal in office. 

If this is not a wake up call for the people of Australia then there is no hope for people 'waking up' to the tyranny of the colonialists.

Centrelink has been committing fraud for a very long time, but only just recently there has been the spotlight on #Centrelinkfail with regards to sending out false and unlawful alleged debt notices to welfare recipients.

The corporate media (deliberately) has not touched on the technicalities of alleged debt, where the person is absolved from repaying any monies to (e.g) Centrelink once the debt collection agency (third party / interloper) has purchased the debt.

The media also have not stated that the debt collection agency cannot lawfully obtain any monies from the person, and only do so through harassment, intimidation and extortion.

The brilliant minds of the lawmakers of Australia have put together laws which do not provide a remedy to the victim, where this is not done so by chance, but rather in accordance to law, that being the inhabitants are still under colonial rule.

Law buffoons will no doubt quote sections from some amended privacy Act where there are fines of six to seven figures.

But who does that cash go to?

Certainly NOT the victim.

You have to beg (apply) for compensation.

MANY people have had their lives ruined where the judiciary lets out criminals back into the streets to re-offend.

The law in Australia is organised in such a way that decisions made by the judiciary are made without impunity and you (the serf / tax paying slave / member of the herd population) cannot hold those people accountable for their actions, i.e. sue them.

Anyone sue a judge lately? Post your payout figure in the comments.

Last year the masses were conned into filling out the census to a business (Australian Bureau of Statistics, ABN: 26 331 428 522) that sold the people's information (WITHOUT their knowledge / consent) for profit.

The government went on an advertising binge for people to comply with the threat of heavy punishment if they did not comply to no lawful request to fill in a census form.

This latest action of privacy breach apparently occurred against ONE welfare recipient (or as they call you - a "customer").

We call this absolute false information, where there are no doubt more victims, but they're just not aware of this.

In any event there will not be any compensation to the victim/s.

This is just emphasising the corruption of people in 'power' over the general population of Australia committing criminal actions without imprisonment.

The Australian people are getting screwed over so hard, but still choose not to take any action whatsoever.

The people in government still stay true to their 'word', i.e. they enact the will of the people.

See article from 2 Mar 2017 by of the title:

Labor refers Tudge to AFP over Centrelink privacy scandal

The federal opposition has called on the Australian Federal Police to investigate Human Services Minister Alan Tudge after his department released the private welfare details of a Centrelink customer.

Labor MP Linda Burney announced on Thursday she had referred the matter to the AFP, saying it was not something she did lightly.

In a letter to the AFP, Ms Burney said it appeared the "staff in the officer of the Minister for Human Services, or the minister himself, have released without authorisation to journalists private personal information of certain people who are recipients of social security".

The welfare details of blogger Andie Fox were released to a Fairfax journalist last month after she wrote a blog slamming Centrelink for chasing her for a debt she did not owe.

Mr Tudge has claimed the department was within its rights to release the information to "correct factual inaccuracies" in Ms Fox's piece.

However, Ms Burney described Mr Tudge's decision as reckless, immoral and possibly illegal.

"The private information of an individual who went to a government instrumentality appears to have been provided to a media outlet without her permission," she told reporters.

"If this is the case, then how can we can we trust this Government to look after anyone's private information?"

In a statement, Mr Tudge said the government took privacy "very seriously".

"The government takes privacy very seriously and complies with all the requirements of the relevant legislation to ensure that Australians' information is treated, and safeguarded, appropriately," he said.

"However, where a person makes a false public statement about their dealing with the Department of Human Services, whether through the media or otherwise, social security law and family assistance law enables to the department to disclose customer information to the extent that it is necessary to correct factual inaccuracies or potentially misleading information."

Mr Tudge said in the statement the information provided to Fairfax Media was provided "with the approval of the chief legal counsel of the Department of Human Services".

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