Friday, April 14, 2017

Centrelink will rip off millions of welfare recipients INDUE time

In this legal waste land / penal colony of the British empire called Australia, the corporation conglomerate called the 'authorities' are literally doing as they please with their slave population where the slaves are quite happy with an oppressive corporate fascist regime.

  • "We the people" have had their privacy taken away, without a mutter of resistance.

  • "We the people" agree to be constantly  monitored by the 'authorities' within the confines of the 'private' home.

  • "We the people" have had what's left of their 'rights' taken away without a mutter of resistance.

And now,

  •  "We the people" will no doubt 'agree' to have cash confiscated from them by people not in government 'lawfully'.

It has come to our attention that the LNP (Liberal National Party) will be making a deal with business called Centrelink (ABN 29 468 422 437) which is (unlawfully) in charge of handling government payments to welfare recipients.

From what we comprehend this will be done via 'plastic' called indue.

It seems that the infrastructure has already been established with the registration of INDUE LTD (ABN 97 087 822 464) and other 'shelf' companies as seen in the ABN search screen capture below:

Will YOU agree to having your cash taken away from you?

If you (the man / woman) are an elector then your 'person' has the right to send a 'my will' letter to your local MP stating that you do not agree to this card and to raise this in parliament.

If you think that you are a 'free man' (and on welfare) then you can argue that all these 'laws' do not apply to you AFTER the cash has been taken from you and the card delivered to you in YOUR 'persons' name...

Remember if you take no action it is seen as acquiescence, then;

They: Win
You: Lose (your cash)

Note: Political parties, under the 'Constitution' are a "no no".

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Chris Morris said...

Sack the Liberal Party immediately!!!!!!!!