Sunday, May 21, 2017

Australia's Constitutional Crisis by Rodney Culleton

The corruption of the people in 'government' and in the Australian courts is astounding with reference to Australia's "Constitutional Crisis".

Even though this has been a topic of great discussion and "noise" by researchers, the corporate media has managed to keep a lid on it for quite some time.

The horse has bolted once Rodney Culleton's exposing documents have hit the parliament floor, where a 'natural' reaction of the "faceless people", is an action of hostile retaliation, which no doubt Rodney Culleton has seen.

Chief Justice Sir Harry Gibbs has commented on this where this was documented in the blog post: 

The document referred to in the link, although not visible, is available for download at:

See Video on Australia's Constitutional Crisis by Rodney Culleton:

Australia, a corporate criminal's paradise.

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