Thursday, May 18, 2017

Catholic priests can molest children fleeing to an extradition free zone

The good Australian people were told that the police were "weighing up" whether or not to charge Cardinal George Pell over the criminal offence of sexual assault dating back to the late 1970s.

What the general population should know is that a fundamental of criminal law is that there must be something called "beyond reasonable doubt" in order for charges to proceed for that alleged criminal offence.

Let's take an example of a 'criminal' offence Australian motorists do every single day.

The 'good' law makers over the Australian people have classified an action of traveling over the speed limit or through an intersection with a red light alleged by a machine (camera) and not by any man or woman, i.e. policeman or police woman as a criminal offence.

To make matters worse for the plebs, the registered owner of that vehicle is (unlawfully) considered "guilty until proven innocent" (Roman law) where the authorities unlawfully applied "owner onus" in statute.

At law the police MUST prove who the driver was "beyond reasonable doubt" in order for ANY alleged charges  to be laid.

The police do NOT "weigh up" any actions against the registered motorist, but rather they are considered guilty where they must prove they are innocent.

It 'seems' like the police are in on it (Pell's matter) too.

Even if he does come back to Australia, it will be at face value.

In the matter of Cardinal George Pell, he (allegedly) sexually assaulted children in the 1970's and when the heat got turned up he "escaped" to a place where the Australian "Roman law" cannot touch him i.e. Vatican City, where there is NO extradition treaty.

Let's not forget THE best excuse of too ill to face ANY charges / prison time.

Apparently the commoners are told that no one is "above the law", yet a man from a part of the 'executive' can be untouched by the very same laws(?) applied to the cattle population?

It's "Roman law" for the slave population, and extradition free zones for the executive.

STILL not convinced you're a slave on this colony?

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