Sunday, May 21, 2017

Frankie goes to Centrelink

... because he's a just a bit more than NQR for Hollywood, and besides that's already been done ...

So what's been happening in the good land of South Australia?

Apparently  "anti vaxxer" (which is HIS choice if he wants it to be, that is NOT the issue here) Frankie waltzes (or was it foxtrots)  into a Centrelink office STATING that he has been sent by the "Commonwealth of the South Australia".

This is what he stated publicly:

"Can everyone listen up please..
I've been sent by the real government...  
of the Commonwealth of the South Australia...."

So, we tried to phone a minister from the "Commonwealth of the South Australia" 

and Telstra's search was fruitless...

Since we know how dodgy the people in government are, we checked the ABN register, as they are always up for a quick buck...

but were not very successful there either. Why?

Because the "Commonwealth of the South Australia" does NOT exist in REALITY.

This is what some viewers said in the comments section of the video:

omg this man is dangerous and a crack head too!

what has happened is he has allowed his fears from reading too much what is in print - he's allowed himself to personalise things other people say and has taken over his life to the detriment of everything else. What will happen is he'll get sick and blame the world. His children will grow up fearful and mistrusting because he is essentially saying I HAVE NO POWER.

Would you believe a man who has publicly lied to you?

See the full video for yourself:

If ANYONE has a contact name of a man/woman/person from the "Commonwealth of the South Australia" please put the details in the comments below.

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