Saturday, June 24, 2017

Oh by the way, regarding your speed / parking / red light camera fine

So you're the proud recipient of an "Infringement Notice" or fine with regards to a law (called an Act) concerning the use of a motor vehicle on a public road, where you (allegedly) committed a criminal offence of traveling over the speed 'limit' or parked your horseless carriage for a longer period than allowed or traveled through an intersection when you were required to stop, or any other similar matter.

Belching  out some grunts which resemble some word's not in the Queen's English dictionary, you add " I'm gonna fie rrrit"

As a result of modernising techniques used in the manufacturing process, via a period of time we now call the Industrial Revolution, many items that were not available as a result of being cost prohibitive, to the plebs, slaves and dregs of society soon became accessible to them.

So with that in mind you with your "cost affordable" computer start doing some research on this thing you call the interwebs.

You join social media groups, ask others, and download templates for a 'silver bullet' you reckon you are owed by others with regards to your actions.

You are now fully versed from Internet  "Gurus" (Note: you might have more success of a sensible answer from the Hoodoo Gurus) with regards to terms like Freeman, Sovereign Citizen, Straw man, non compos mentis, etc, where youse is gonna take it too da court, as you reckon you read it all, and now know it all.

So you start your journey to the lower administrative courts, e.g. the Magistrates' Court where you may fail to realise one 'small' detail with regards to your matter, that being a 'law' which is put into action called absolute and strict liability.

  • Absolute liability is when you are guilty and a punishment is discussed,
  • Strict liability is when you are guilty and you must prove you are not guilty.

This is the law that you put in place on this land called Australia.
IF you would have done your 'research' thoroughly, then you would have comprehended your place and role in this constitutional monarchy (at least at one point in time).

You would have comprehended the law making process from an idea to a Bill then to that law (Act) and your place in the entire law making process.

It is through your inaction, silence, acquiescence, that someone's idea has become a law, as you did not disagree with it at any stage during the law making process, an opportunity the people in government give you.

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Benny T said...

Where and when do we get this opportunity and how do we object to it?