Friday, June 16, 2017

Problem Reaction Solution; Terrorism, joblessness going according to plan

The actions of people in government have an effect on society, an effect that is planned by those people in 'power'.

Let's have a look at two burgeoning 'issues';

1). The people in government have imported scum into the country, scum that 'terrorises' the good people of Australia.

As a result the a$$holes in government then say that police need MORE powers to search 'suspects' (your frail 95 year old great grandmother can be a 'suspect' according to 'law') WITHOUT warrants making the state of Victoria even MORE of a POLICE STATE.

As if no warrants existing from Victoria's Sheriff's Office is NOT enough !!! !!!

WHATEVER the official unemployment rate is coming from the offices of criminals in power you can be assured it's BS (i.e. under inflated).

2). The people in power import cheap slave labour (as they have done since 1788), which in turn takes jobs away from 'Australians' in effect having a detrimental effect on family and society as a whole.

Corporate scum like Telstra who lay off 1400 Australian workers only to replace them with cheap overseas labour that works for a bowl of rice per week or something similar.

The actions of the people in power are NOT by accident or without thought.

DO NOT PANIC though, everything is going according to plan.

The people in 'gov' REALLY f_cking hate their slave population !!!

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