Thursday, August 10, 2017

Australia - A nation of losers

The people of countries can be world famous for many reasons. 

For example the people of Switzerland could be known for their input into governing their own affairs in a country known as a direct democracy (let's not talk about the secret money laundering accounts).

The people of Germany could be known as the automotive powerhouse production of Europe, 6 weeks of annual leave, and very very fast roads (let's not talk about the war that allegedly killed 60 million Europeans)

The Russians... oooohhhhh those Russians (Boney M).

The Chinese could be seen as the production capital of the world (let's omit slave labour conditions).

The English are very famous for being savages that go to the Greek islands and trash the place (let's not talk about the alleged paedophiles tied to the Monarchy).

So what will the relatively new nation of colonialists go down in some secret government dossier or some law review or university law professor's deeply hidden url link?

Well 'we' say that it's a nation where the people have lost it all.

The people (i.e. the serfs) of this continent have been given sovereignty over the people in Australia's parliament  and lost it.

How do we know that the people are sovereign? 

Easy, it's written in this document referred to as the 'Constitution', you know that pesky document the people in government must abide by, you know the one rattling the cages of MPs in office over Section 44, i.e. citizenship.

The current Rule of Law for Dummies (in Australia) is as follows;

From over the seas:

1). The U.K. Monarch (NOT the 'Queen' of Australia - as that's an unlawful title / 'person')
1b). The parliament of the U.K.

From within the colony of Australia;
2). The people,
3). The parliament.

At one point in time the Constitution was taught to the children of the masses, where at a point in time not too long ago the people in government twigged that it's a document the herd population's children should not be taught in schools, therefore it was taken out of the curriculum.

So no real loss to the people in government as they are acutely aware that once the herd mentality kicks in there is no stopping it, and in the case of the good ol' Aussie bogans, they're just interested in footy and beer and not the 'authority' vested in them.

Australia was a great 'social' experiment, where the people 'had' all the authority and took none of it.

Why 'had'? The Labour party (oops, another 'unconstitutional' entity), being the official republic vehicle will steer the herd towards a republic doing away with this pesky document called the Constitution, once and for all, until then the people STILL have 'authority'.

Viva la gay marriage, and don't forget the voice of the minority group, the unrepresented pregnant albino Japanese single mothers.

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