Friday, August 11, 2017

Australian Border Force another criminal organisation in power

As the people of Australia move into the future it seems that the colonialists (the people in charge of the serfs) are going back to their roots.

Australia's police 'force' was setup and run by literally criminals, just really really well behaved ones.

Therefore the 'good' inhabitants of Australia were policed by criminals.

How does that work?

Well, extremely well for the people who designed this model.

So here we are 116 years after the founding legal document has been enacted on how the people in government must govern, and we have a 'business' called the Australian Border Force laced with criminals in charge of your destiny.

Any (honest) constitutional lawyer should be able to tell you that this business is not a lawful organisation as per the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act.

You cannot trust the AFP (Australian Federal Police) in prosecuting criminals, as members are given orders to leave the 'untouchables' alone, and besides the AFP (or any other policing business) do not work for 'you' (the serf), they work for the people in 'government' and protect their criminal activities.

The (local) police are committing offences against the good people of Australia every single day.

 An example of this is the unlawful issuing of 'fines', where some people are so scared to act against police, for the real fear of having 8 armed goons breaking the door down to your home and beating you to a pulp, to a point where you cannot remember your name,  like Victoria Police did to a young woman named Corinna Horvath (see photo), where they are NOT held accountable for their actions, nor a real remedy is offered to the victim of criminal activities committed by police.

Some of Australia MP's are rattled because they did not know Section 44 of the 'Constitution' existed, but let's not let the cat out of the bag that ALL of Australia's MP's are in office unlawfully and MUST be removed.

Any common magistrate will tell you that;
"Ignorance of the law is no excuse".

As usual the problem is much more serious than the mainstream media is telling the people.

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