Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Court Services Victoria - Making contact for the plebs difficult?

One can be of the 'conspiracy theory' that the people in government are putting up barriers...

Oops, the current photo of a fence being erected around Parliament House in Canberra is no longer a 'theory' but rather a reality.

Maybe they're just trying to contain the criminals within?

Aren't government institutions supposed to be transparent?
Remember: "Nothing to hide, nothing to fear", RIGHT ??? !!! ???

Aren't the people supposed to have easy access, especially if one is disabled?

So, let's take a look at an example of a place of business called Court Services Victoria (ABN: 63 392 984 660)

The official place for information is NOT your favourite search engine, dikipedia or some dodgy blog that is for "parody or satire use only" but rather the business's website.

When one's journey arrives at Court Services Victoria website and a Contact Us area is looked into one is greeted with the following information as seen in the screen capture as current of this post;

If someone from the general population wishes call them via the phone, to do business with these people there they have deliberately not shown the company's phone number, where a DX number is only visible and only a Post Office Box and no street address.

A DX number is for legal firms to communicate between them.

One must note that not every one has access to email or is even computer literate enough to comprehend how to send an email even if they go down to their local library.

This is clearly discriminatory actions against the lay person, serf or tax slave member of the general population.

So how does one find their street address or land line (phone) number?

One goes to the Freedom of Information Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner, of course silly.

Now where's that Ivory Tower of that slippery sucker Brendan Facey, who is allegedly the so called "Sheriff of Victoria"?

He was at level 20, but when too many people found out, they moved him to another more secure premises where the "concierge" denies he is there...

Ivory Towers crumbling a$$holes ??? !!! ???

Not to worry, you're STILL going to get sued as well as the State of Victoria (ABN: 57 505 521 939), and hopefully you won't bail like Mr. John Merritt the CEO of VicRoads did.

(see https://corpau.blogspot.com.au/2017/10/vicroads-ceo-john-merritt-quits.html)

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