Saturday, November 25, 2017

Liberals accepting donations from Rebels Motorcycle Club

So how does it [the law] work in Australia?

Guilty by association, right?

Well it looks like the Liberal party is stuffed then.

Post taken from Social media is as follows:

That makes them an associate of the Rebels.

I am doing this to show that this party do not screen donations, therefore a criminal can donate a $100, 000 towards their campaign for a “ favour “ without being noticed by donating $20 ( or more ) many times over ( or use 100 individuals in a criminal organisation to donate $1000 each under a pseudonym).

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Bobbie Whitney said...

Mllh&r always brother x

Angelo said...

I have used this ‘ stunt ‘ in the past ( as I have done now) to show how the donation system can be manipulated by the Liberal party to accept donations from anyone , by putting small amounts.
Say if they received a hundred donations from from individuals using a pseudonym of , say one thousand dollars each , that is $100,000 that will not be scrutinised.
The Rebels have slipped by , and the Liberals are targeting us as criminals!!
I hope this helps in showing their hypocrisy and cunning.
Not all is as kosher as it appears.