Friday, November 24, 2017

No jobs for Australians the administration's objective

People should be aware that the 'Crown' colonlised (not an 'honourable' way of doing things) Australia, as they saw it an economically viable project, where the intention was to use the inhabitants of the penal colony solely for the benefit to the administration.

Many people would have missed that a little while ago ex prime minister Tony Abbott stated that Australia was started off as a chartered corporation.

Not too long ago it was posted on the Corporate Australia blog, the documentation that established South Australia as a corporation.

Prior to his departure as PM Abbot also stated while waving his hands up in the air that Australia is "open for business".

People should also be aware that the most simplest business model to increase profits is to reduce operating costs, where staff are first on the cutting block.

From the early days the 'administration' of Australia implemented the 'White Australia' policy, where the migrant labour population was from Europe and other places where white people resided.

The problem with that is that the white slaves are an expensive labour force, where a more cost effective solution is to bring in humans (hue-man i.e. colour of 'man').

The Chinese migrants were a nice little subservient labour force of Victoria's goldfields where it was the whities that started the racket.

Let's fast forward to the present time, where one can look at whatever 'official' (read dodgy) figure the people in government publish as an unemployment rate that being 5.4% (for October 2017, an apparently an 'unexpected' drop) or 709,000 Australians.

Apparently economists have been using a figure which is double of the official government result.

A figure of 800,000 migrants per annum in total (600,000 temporary and 200,000) has been mentioned as being imported into Australia ever since the Howard days.

The migrant population being imported into Melbourne varies from 1,500 to 2,500 per week depending on which source is looked at.

It has been known for a very long time that the importation of (cheap) slave labour has many benefits to employees and corporations, therefore this is an action supported by the corporation aggregate commonly referred to as the 'Australian Government'

First and foremost is a lower dollar per hour rate of the imported slave, and another very important aspect is that the non-resident will be subservient to corporate rule for the fear of losing the job or being deported.

MANY 'Australians' have lost their jobs due to imported slaves, therefore giving rise to the inability of taking care of the bills and as a result one's family unit.

The people in government are all too aware of the consequences to the family unit as a result of the unemployment that they created, where this action can only be described as an assault on the family unit - by the people in government.

As a result of the unemployment the people in government created, they naturally created a solution called "Job Network Providers" which is a "money for mates" scam, where there is no real prospect of those so called agencies in providing employment to the Australian population as the jobs are taken up by migrant slaves.

MANY young Australians have taken their lives as a result of the climate created by the people in government.

Naturally the real figures are doctored in order to create the illusion that everything is all right.

The children of the 'administration' have no worries as to their future as they slip into positions that their parents were in once they retire.

Having said that the administration capital of Australia is not immune from the excessive pays offered to the labour force from the 'old school' train of thought, where the new Indian migration is in the process of administrating the rest of the tax slaves.

How many suicides of young Aussies will it take for things to change?

It's for the good (of the) government to reduce it's running costs no matter what the cost is to the slaves.

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