Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Constitution and local government

The Constitution seems to be a bit of a bug bear for the criminals in Members of Parliament just like the Infringements Act (2006) is a pain in the side for the serfs.

There is plenty that the people in government do wrong by the Constitution, much more than the well covered Section 44, where as a result Malcolm Turnbull wants to change it quickly before he loses his seat as a result of the criminal Members of Parliament  sitting unlawfully in office exiting via the back door with full pensions intact*.

The purpose of this post is to expose another unlawful action with regards to the Constitution that being with regards to entities called City Councils or Local Government.

It is 'easy' to rule against a few unlawful mutts in parliament, where the financial damage is negligible compared to the multibillion dollar fraud committed by the entities called City Councils.

So, let's get into the basics.


1). The Commonwealth of Australia's 'Constitution' is contained within a law called the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) under Clause 9.

2). It is an Act of the UK i.e. Westminster, meaning it cannot be amended by Australians, i.e. any wording up to and including Clause 8, where any alterations can only be done so as described within Chapter VIII or Section 128 of that Act.

3). Every Constitution of every state is subject to Section 106 of the Constitution.

4). If a state law is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the law of the Commonwealth shall prevail, where the state law is invalid as described in Section 109.

5). Parliament has lost its sovereignty at federation, i.e. enactment of the Constitution.

6). There are only two (2) lawful levels of government federal and state / territory, despite that official government documentation exists stating that a third level exists that being local.

7). The term local government within the constitution refers to the government of the state.

8). Today's unlawfully enacted 'city councils' or 'Local Government' collect rates fraudulently in breach of the Constitution where the lawful arm of a department of the state is the municipal office which is supposed to be carrying out those duties.

9). The birth of 'city councils' or 'Local Government' from the state's relevant Act (e.g. the Local Government Act of 1989 for Victoria) is ultra vires.

We have been made aware that a group of people have the correct paperwork with regards to a class action lawsuit against this unconstitutional entity called "Local Government".

This is BIGGER than Section 44

The unlawful actions of city councils effect every Australian irrespective of whether they own their home or rent a property, ride a bicycle or park their automobile on the nature strip (which is apparently illegal).

In order for the class action to succeed interested parties should be in the magnitude of tens of thousands.

See for further details.  

If you know which section of the Constitution is being referred to together with the corresponding pages of the Quick and Garran, you can place your answer in the comments section.

* - That's the privilege of being a criminal in the 'Australian Government'.

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mele host said...

The greatest problem Australia faces is its people are too feeble-minded and frighten to act on injustice. People keep paying council rates, rather than denounce and leave councils, and destroy them if they continue to interfere.