Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Government Fail Australia the best at it?

What does the future hold for the good Australian people in 2018?

IF 'priors' are anything to go by, then the good people of Australia are just going to get screwed hard by the people in government just like every other year where the best part about it is that they (the general population) are just going to take it.

So when one asks a search engine what a "government fail" is the following result is shown:

where the screen capture above states the following:

 Just as a market failure is not a failure to bring a particular or favored solution into existence at desired prices but is rather a problem which prevents the market from operating efficiently, a government failure is not a failure of the government to bring about a particular solution but is rather a systemic problem ...

 In Australia, the people in government have stated to the serf population that the;

"first job of a government is to look after the safety of its people".

See post:

Let's take a look at one example;

The people in government have decided to import migrants who deliberately have chosen to take criminal actions that cause harm to the good people of Australia.

In all likelihood the people in government had a fair idea that these migrants would cause harm to the good people of Australia, but in any event have still decided to import these migrants.

The people in government did not adhere to their public statement to "look after the safety of its people", therefore a;

Government Fail!

Let's have a look at another type of 'harm' caused by the people in government.

The people in the Australian Government have seconded others to take on many infrastructure projects, the likes of building roads, a desalination plant, railway upgrades and telecommunications backbone upgrades.

Many if not all of these projects have suffered a "budget blowout" (or money for mates deal), which in effect causes 'harm' to the public's tax dollars used for the funding.

Since there is no money taken out of the politician's own wallet, one can easily be of the opinion that the care factor is zero.

With the people in government expediting the importation of savages / corporate slaves (under the banner of 'human rights') from overseas who in turn harm the 'good' people of Australia, and not any politician or their families directly, these savages being new to water, electricity, automobiles and employment are all here under 'hue-man' rights courtesy of the Australian tax slaves, while good Australian people watch their children have their jobs taken away from them by cheap imported slave labour.

So where is the employment of 'human rights' for Australians to have a job to support their families?

Domestic violence as a result of lack of employment, a government created condition, is a "Government Fail"

The people in government deliberately do not plan for upgrades to infrastructure (water, electricity, roads, etc) needed to accommodate these newly imported criminals, where (e.g.) traffic congestion is created, causing pressure to families, an action that is seen as a deliberate assault on the family unit.

Instead of the government allowing for more megawatt production of electricity for the newly displaced savages to enjoy, the people in government disassemble electricity production plants citing some BS climate change occurrence, in effect causing more financial stress (i.e. harm) to the good people of Australia.

It seems that these Mutts in Parliament despise the good people of Australia, the people that they are supposed to 're-present'.

So, what's it going to be in 2018 ? "Same, same".

The people, by their inaction are stating that they are happy and content with the way they are 'governed'.

AUSTRALIA: the Concealed Colony!
(the book the federal police removed from bookstores!)

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