Friday, January 5, 2018

Police cover-up migrant crime wave created by the people in government

The people in government assure the consumers in Australia that the three arms of government function independently of each other, without bias or influence.

To remind the lay person, the three (allegedly) independent arms of government are:

1). Executive :- The Queen (U.K. Monarch) and NOT the unlawful paper entity the queen of Australia, Governor General

2). Parliament :- Ministers of Parliament, lawmakers

3). Judiciary :- Courts, police.

Let's take another important aspect that Australian case law should give the mass population the impression that no 'person' is above the law.

Very briefly;

The inception of police in Australia is that from a criminal element of society that being convicts, something no doubt our honest police force would rather the public not be aware of.

Tax slaves should also be aware that the police do not work for 'you' (the serfs) but rather the people in government, where the general population is literally the police force's enemy.

Another reminder is that the police are not answerable to the general population.

The police practice lies, deception,  false information, entrapment in order to obtain convictions against the general population, arising from policies from their 'bosses' the people in government.

The above ties the second and third arm of government together, therefore not independent as suggested.

The evidence of this is has reared its ugly head with regards to the very public crime wave by migrant Africans.

Please note that this crime wave is not new and has been around for over a dozen years with this specific migrant population, where the authorities have done very little to curb the 'problem'  where the good people of Australia are in harm's way in the hands of their government.

Bronwyn Bishop stated in 2015 that the first job of a government is to;

"look after the safety of its people"

a job that the current people in government failed at, where realistically they should be removed from their positions in government.

Since police are falsifying the reports of criminal activity;

how can you (the lay person) trust the police or even the people in government responsible for importing criminals into Australia?

Unless it's back to the policies of 1788 of this colony, where Martial  Law (officially) ruled for quite some time.

Crime, an excellent business for the people IN government, but not so good for the serf's on the receiving end of it.

The business called the 'Australia Government' importing terrorists, then creating laws to keep the good people of Australia 'safe'? WTF ??? !!! ???

STILL trust the people in Australia's government?

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mele host said...

If you've been following the news on the African crime, you would have seen how the Victorian Police assured the Public they are not holding back on African criminals, as they are "in the business of arrests". Also the Yoa dude was the only Black guy making sense of the events, with other Black "Community Leaders" sprouting all the propaganda.