Monday, April 2, 2018

The sinister attack on your privacy by people in corporations – Intel

Intel should be in the U.S. and European courts.

As briefly as possible;

In late 2017 a security ‘flaw’ was discovered within processors made by Intel.

Some reports even suggest that this security ‘flaw’ was around since 1995.

What the majority of the mainstream media and the IT industry reports did not say was this security flaw was not factually a 'flaw' but rather deliberate code put into the processors by Intel’s engineers in order to gain access to the user’s personal computer.

Intel uses a compact operating system within its processors called MINIX created by Andrew S Tanenbaum unbeknown to him.

Intel engineers queried Tanenbaum for more efficient coding in order to create the back door to their processors, also unbeknown to him with regards to the intentions of their actions.

What the general population calls a ‘bug’ or ‘flaw’ in many cases is a deliberately designed back door to obtain access your data on your personal computer without your knowledge or consent.

We do not recommend the purchase or use of Intel processors.

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